Meet the Team

Seasons Harvest may be small, but it is mighty! Our team is compact, yet diverse enough to meet your needs, and we’re a pretty friendly bunch to boot. Read on for more about who Seasons Harvest is, and get in touch!

Jim Hamilton

Jim is an outgoing and adventurous soul. He loves challenges, in life and in business! Jim is the heart of Season’s Harvest and is the guy you connect with through calls, texts, and emails, and is also the person you see the most on pick-ups and deliveries!  Originally from Vancouver Island, he now calls the Okanagan Valley home and lives off-the-grid with his family in Kelowna, BC.

Ever an entrepreneurial spirit, exploring new places and projects is Jim’s passion. From construction and commercial renovations, to leading adventure sports like rock and ice climbing and mountaineering, Jim finds fulfillment in many arenas. Seasons Harvest is not his first, or only business, but it is one he is thoroughly excited to be taking on the challenges of. Jim is looking forward to the opportunities that come with connecting small scale farmers and foragers to chefs, as he delivers their extraordinary produce across western Canada. 

Nicole Hamilton

Nicole Hamilton is fun-loving and personable. She spends most of her time on her family’s small off-grid acreage, raising chickens, dogs, cats, and two teenage boys. Nicole’s passions include heritage-breed chickens, learning the fine art of brewing beer, cider and other fermentation delights, managing the daily intricacies of off-grid and sustainable living, and seeking out the origin stories of the produce they procure through Seasons Harvest. Nicole is family-oriented and loves gathering people together for shared meals and experiences. Providing local, fresh, ethically-sourced and interesting food for these occasions is her top priority!

Nicole helps keep Season’s Harvest organized and is the person behind the social media and the majority of the photography and writing you will see across all platforms. She is thrilled about the opportunity to dive into this new business chapter and hopes to connect more with the growing network of farmers and chefs that this business brings together!

Melissa Marr

Melissa Marr is an independent, tenacious and successful organic farmer in Cawston, BC. Her heritage apple and cherry orchard was planted in 1946 and is one of the oldest remaining in the country. She was given stewardship over the land in 2007 and continues to grow using traditional practices, while simultaneously raising her 3 kids. She has been involved in the organic movement across BC and was the “certification coordinator” for her regional certifying body for almost 10 years.

Melissa has been a major connection between Season’s Harvest and the organic farmers in the Similkameen area. Melissa does most of the produce pick-ups in the Southern area of our growing region, does some foraging, and is one of the major connectors that helps get the amazing produce into the hands of the chefs in a timely manner! 

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton is our fill-in-the-gaps-guy: pick-ups, packing, deliveries and whatever else is needed. He is a student who has recently graduated from high school and is working to save up for university in the Fall. Josh has amazing people skills, is independent, hard working, can fix anything with wheels, and has always appreciated well prepared, homemade, homegrown, and healthy food. Seasons Harvest was a business he was immediately on board with when he heard about it.

Growing up off-the-grid has helped Josh gain an appreciation for sustainable living. Making local connections with quality people and their produce, and driving and meeting people all over western Canada is something he is excited about!